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About Dave

Dave is a Bay Area based design leader who has dedicated his career to improving online experiences and leading in-house multidisciplinary teams in building delightful digital products. Working with companies like E*TRADE, Prudential, and Deluxe Corporation, Dave has accumulated a nice collection of digital achievement. Currently serving as UI/UX Director at First Tech Credit Union in the Northern California, Dave leads a team of researchers, architects, and designers in building and improving mobile and desktop apps for members' banking and financial well-being.

“Davesign” Thinking

With roots in visual and identity design, Dave came to appreciate early on the importance of customer and user perception. Success in design wasn't only determined by visual appeal. Ensuring usability, helping understanding, and eliciting emotion and motivation all play a huge role. This realization led Dave to enthusiastically pursue the experiential side of design via the discipline of ux and digital product design. Along this career of discovery, Dave accumulated a diverse body of design achievement, some of which are displayed here.

Be sure to also check out Dave's UX Case Story Portfolio site.

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UX/UI & Visual Design

Prudential's responsive Debt Calculator allows customers to enter, track, and schedule payoff debt. This is an early test version that predates the currently live version I also designed.

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